R.A. 11054: A Means Against Struggles

MIPA-BARMM conducts consultation meeting for the Republic Act 11054 or also known as the Bangsamoro Organic Law. This was spearheaded by MIPA Minister and Parliament Member — Hon. Melanio Ulama which in his speech indicated that the Republic Act 11054 was established due to necessary developments and to fight against existing struggles.

These struggles that comprises of the Armed, Democratic and Educational struggles entails various issues and ended up causing numerous casualties.

To address these strains, BOL had been implemented. Minister Melanio Ulama further emphasizes the theme of unification and reconciliation during this advocacy and as for the campaign of the office.

mersin escort Furthermore, in the advent of the BOL, Armed struggle had ended. Currently, we are under the era of the Political or Bureaucratic struggle wherein the newly reinforced transitional government is doing their utmost to fulfill their roles in employing good governance. Specifically, the office of MIPA, to render their service to the unprivileged indigenous people and help them be acknowledged in the Bangsamoro community.

In addition, to attain this vision, he encouraged the involvement of the community to enhance the efficacy of its enactment, with the assistance of concern BARMM agencies. Thus, the Minister, to this agendum, announced the need of an Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative (IPMR) which has an important role in the implementation of programs and services under the MIPA-BARMM.

Moreover, Mayor Elvino “NONO” Balicao JR. of the Municipality of WAO, to express his support for the advocacy encouraged the different tribal communities to unite despite of their differences and contrasting perspectives.
Mayor Elvino “NONO” Balicao JR., Sangguniang Bayan members, Inter-tribal chairman and PWD IP’s committee head, together with the seventeen tribes of WAO were in attendance.
The consultation meeting implored all tribal communities and all other participants to be engaged in this life changing advocacy.

July 6
WAO, Lanao del Sur